About Us

The Barefoot Ranch is located four miles North of Teulon, MB.  It is a 120-acre parcel of land that is well treed, featuring natural as well as man-made water sources.  It is the perfect piece of land for horses.  We have been at this location since 2012.  

Soon after moving here, we started to notice a need to provide a sanctuary in the area for horses. There were multiple circumstances that arose that brought many horses in need to us.  We began with the thought of rehabilitating the horses and selling them to recoup our expenses, but that was a short-lived dream. 

Over the past nine years, we have rescued 18 horses and have done so on our own dime until recently.  In 2016 we decided to incorporate to make our organization more official. 

This year with the severe drought in the area there is an increased need for an organization like ours. we have decided that we could help more horses and do more for the horses already here if we began to fundraise.  So here we are fundraising through gofundme and hosting an event on October 16th to see how much good we can do for horses in need.

If you are able to donate, please do with the donate link at the top of this page.  If you can’t donate, please like and share our social media posts to help us get the word out.